Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Journey of a Thousand Steps

Hola, amigas!  ?Como esta?

Amigas, because I think most readers are women.  Accent over the a in esta.

So begins our study of Spanish.

 I find that my keyboard does not allow for the correct punctuations.  I probably wouldn't use them correctly yet anyway.

Over a year ago, I finally broke down and ordered a computer Spanish program.  I had wanted to learn Chinese because my heart was with them and our missionary. But Hubby said he wouldn't learn Chinese--too hard--and Spanish could be used in the US and, well, he's usually wiser than me.

To tell the truth, I doubt I would have stuck with Chinese this long if Hubby hadn't been "hablas espanol" with me these past years.  And my old brain could not begin to remember such a hard language.  Spanish is supposed to be easy--ha!  But I digress.

When we started we had no goals.  Why were we struggling to conjugate verbs (say what?) and mis-pronouncing, even butchering the sweet language of Latinos?  We could not tell you.

Then just a few months ago President Obama lifted some of the restrictions with Cuba.

And BAM!  Hubby heard a call, or just got a bee in his bonnet, that WE were headed to Cuba.

Now I must confess that I have ALWAYS wanted to be a missionary.  Seriously.  Every time a missionary talked at our church, or I saw a video about the work, or I read a letter from one, I was all "Here!  Here, Lord!  Here I am.  Please.  Please send me! Don't you see my hand up, my arm waving?  I'll go!  Really!"

But my sweet Hubby was all, no, I don't think so.  Not now.  Probably not ever.


And now this, this assured focus that we are headed to Cuba.  Say, what?

I am confused.  No entiendo, por favor.  I don't understand.

You see, we have known the Lord for the better part of 35 years.  We are, if we can admit it, old.  The grey hair is under all this beautiful coloring our 3rd daughter so painstakingly brushes onto it. Our waists are wide.  Our fatigue levels high.

We are old.  And we struggle to put sentences together in espanol.  (Where do the subjects go to in those sentences anyway?)

I have learned something in these passing years.  I have learned that God's timing is not my timing.  (Having a 4th baby after the oldest is 16 and the youngest 8 was not MY plan.)  He has a reason for this time and this space.  And maybe we are the ones to go and encourage His Bride in Cuba.

So I won't fret.  I won't worry.  I'll trust in Him, rest in Him, and allow His joy to be my strength.

And maybe, just maybe, He will grace us with the gift of tongues.

So Adios, amigas.  Hasta luego.

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