Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm ready.  I'm waiting.

Waiting on the edge of the unknown.

Can't see the bottom.  Not sure I want to.

It's the process, the jumping that is the experience.

Ready.  Waiting.

Seeing this is a new spot to jump off of.  Wondering where it will lead me.  Lead us.

Every journey begins with the first step?  This first step is huge!

Darkness lines the path below.  Light shines from above.

And I know, I know, that God is there, up there, in the Light.  And I know, deep down in my soul know, that He will take my hand and not let me fall into that darkness.

Did Abraham wonder where he was headed when he left Ur of the Chaldeans?  Did he ask God about it?  Can I ask God?

But then, the journey begins with that first step into the unknown.  And I'm ready.  I'm waiting.

Waiting.  For God to say



  1. I love the image of the light from above. Only that light keeps me jumping! :)

  2. I too, love your image of light from above. Sometimes jumping (or trusting) can be so hard to do!

  3. Waiting... usually ends with me getting my God smack up side the head because I don't hear when he whispers. lol You made my smile and think of things I had not in a while. Thanks for sharing.
    jumping in from five minute friday.

  4. "The journey begins with the first step into the unknown." I am so thankful that God waits for us on the other side of that jump. Visiting from the Five Minute Friday! Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Thank you each and every one of you! All four of you. Wow. I am humbled. This is only my 3rd post. I'm trying to figure it all out step by step. Like, not sure how to grab the buttons!! Humbly, ps

  6. Amen, keep listening for His voice.