Monday, April 13, 2015

A Journey of 1,000 Steps 2

Cuba!  Just saying the word invokes a bit of excitement in my heart.

Excited to see how this adventure will unfold.  Excited to see God work through me, us to encourage others.  Excited to see some movement here.

As my ggirl's favorite song says, "I love to Move It!"  (You should see us dance when this song comes on!  London says, "Get up Gramma!" because she doesn't want to dance alone.)

Some things that I can praise God for:

-  Our maestra Michaela thinks we are doing awesome (awesomely) in our Spanish lessons!  Woohoo!  (No translation needed for that one.)  We can definitely buy groceries and ask for directions.  It's a start.

-  We've had two people tell us they are interested in going with us on a short trip.  Woohoo!

-  I learned last night at our small group Bible study that my hubby is open to long term.  What?  I never would have thunk it.

You can pray for these things:

-  We need to find a way to get there.  We want to be honest and obey all of Cuba's laws.  Perhaps the ending of the embargo will open a door.  Perhaps there is a mission board that we can work with.  Much wisdom is needed. (James 1:5)

-  I'm concerned about The Pain.  Can I truly handle 7-10 (or forever) of travel like this?  ("I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil. 4:13.)

-  I need to have time off of grannying to go.  I have over 2 months off this Fall as a new grandson will be joining the familia.  But we are not nearly ready to go that soon, are we?

I realize this is only the 2nd step on this road of a 1,000.  (1,458.4 miles to be exact.  I looked it up.  Wonder how many steps in a mile?  Good thing we can fly there!)

Let me know if you want to be a prayer partner for this adventure and I'll try to keep you updated.  For now, Adios! Mi amigos y familia.  (Hm, do you plural family?)

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