Thursday, April 30, 2015

On the Journey with us (Step 3)

"Hola! Mi amigas! Como estas?"  (Hello my friends of the female persuasion.  How are  you?)

Those are some of the words I remember, not from the past year of study, but all the way back to high school Spanish class.  Why do the new words not stay in my brain?  Oh, yeah, I'm old.

(I do remember Que hora est? Que es esto? and Tango hambre!  But I digress)

As we slowly plow along on our path to doing missions in Cuba (we hope), we have begun to share this vision with others.  It makes it a little more real.

We bolstered our courage and headed back to our high school (Lincoln High School) to listen in on some conversations in Spanish at the Dia de Ninos fiesta.  It was sponsored by Centro de Las Americas.  Due to rain they moved in doors, unfortunately.

It was crowded and a little bit wild with ninos running here and there.  Many were in the cutest outfits for dancing.  Ninas in big colorful skirts that seemed to make wings as they danced.  Ninos in black coats and pants with sombreros--so cute you could die!  (Nope, no pics.)

We watched some dances.  Checked out the food (lines too long to eat).  And eaves-dropped.  We weren't too bold to hablamos very much.  Sad.

A praise item:  I thought my little red camera was gone FOREVER!  Then one day this week, hubby came with a smirk on his face.  It seems that my lost camera was right. in. front. of. my. nose!  Really.  He found it here.

That's right.  I walked past it every day since Christmas when I last saw it.  So why does my awesome purchase of an "organizer" end up eating my camera for FOUR months?

We have contacted a few mission's boards, but still aren't sure which one to go with or for how long we're supposed to go.  I keep going back to TEAM but they don't have anyone in Cuba--yet.  Could it be that the Lord wants us to be the first?

I'm finding these updates are a little dry for my writing taste.  I miss sharing what God is showing me in His word.  So, here's this week's find.

Blessed by the LORD (Yahweh), my rock (Elohi Tsuri),
My lovingkindness (chesed) and my fortress (metsudah),
My stronghold (misgab) and my deliverer (palat);
My shield (magen), and He in whom I take refuge (my place to flee to-chasah). . . .
Psalm 144:1a and 2

This spoke to me because of the study I recently finsihed on the names of God.  I'm seeing His names EVERYwhere in His word.  Awesome.

A blessing this Spring is the return of lilac blooms to the bushes we cut WAY back about 3 years ago.

They are so pretty and smell so good.  Achew!  

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